Divi Report

Subject: https://adam.nca.aurea.com/

I’ll grade each theme builder within the same categories, then give you a final thought.  Will try not to have any biase when judging.

Builder and Layout



Divi’s building UX is one the best (of the few I’ve used), page looks exactly like how it will look, near pixel perfect. Selecting elements can be a bit tricky – but Divi does come with a Wireframe View.  Dragging elements around is easy, not flicky like Gutenbergs, but far from perfect.



Maybe I don’t understand this. but why a wysiwyg interface, then Highlightable text option, and why resizing text is in a different menu? and only go from small, medium, large, x-large? Whaaaat?

– After Michael shown me how text block should of been done. I’ve raise the score by 1 grade, still unintuitive to use.




Above average for individual images and gallery handling.



Column option is ok, but weird. I can NOT put a row split in the middle of another column. (no sub-columns in columns.)  Limited to pre-sets.



Perfect. Due to the power of changing anything for desktop, tablet and mobile. 

Benchmark Metrics



Google PageSpeed Insights: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fadam.nca.aurea.com

Update, Swapped Divi theme to Divi Plugin + Neve (same as BB) Score improved: Mobile 80 (was 70) Desktop 95 (was 92)  




B 85

Pingdom: https://tools.pingdom.com/#5d8abff502c00000

Page size: 1.1 MB
Page HTML size: 60k
Load time: 1.68 s
Requests: 37


Backend Matrics

1.6 mins

137 request, 2.7MB trasnsfered, 12.2MB resources, on aveage. 

33 secs on cached load. 1.6 mins on non-cache. – on Fiber internet. (210 Mbps/up & down)

On Intel i7-6700K @ 4.00GHz, I did notice a spike up on loading the home page backend, utilization of 25% (idling at 8%)

I DO have to mention that on LOCALHOST, after 5 hours of editing on the same page, a noticeable slow down… Even on my decently build system. GeForce GTX 1660 Super.  32GB of ram.

Compare this to Pure ACField’s Galore.. I’ll take Divi anytime.

Divs till Body


Counted from the first content H1 “Help Desk Software for …” to Body Tag, ignoring the actual H1 Tag.

Clicks per Hour


A lot of clicking, not a lot of coding…

Data point from CrossOver!

Browser Stack

Home page looks good on Safari 7.1 on iOS Mavericks.

Good on IE Edge, Buggy on IE 11 & 10 – Windows 8.  Total fail on IE 9 or older.

No problem on build #79 (#87 is the latest) . Not gonna bother check older…

No problem on build #75 (#83 is the latest) . Not gonna bother check older…

Final Thoughts


  • For those Nitpicky Art Directors or Designers, This is great. You have FULL control without writing down a single line of code… 
  • The ability to query any post type from any where with a bulid-in module is very nice. (like Related Post Module)
  • Good Page speed, good browser support.


  • Without writing a single line of code… For those who make a living on Code.
  • The Text editing is super super annoying, change of color and and size can get very tricky.
  • not friendly to slow computer


I have not test the module development for Divi.  So no score on this.

With only 1 other plugin installed (Safe SVG) – the backend speed is quite slow, compare to Gutenberg.  Query Monitor was added after for testing.

Do I recommend Divi? – Maybe. Move on.