Visual Composer Report


I’ll grade each theme builder within the same categories, then give you a final thought.  Will try not to have any biase when judging.

Builder and Layout



Much like Divi’s Interface this one is clean and clear as well, also it does not have the weird issue of miss-dragging on the spacing.  Feels lighter and smoother in a way.



Not Bad, but not Great.  Text editing is faster then Divi’s but still not as great as Gutenberg.




Default image option is ok. Gallery is a Premium – can’t test it. 
I like the onClick action options, Don’t understand the – Instagram-like filters… why…



Very Easy to use, I can make Rows in Columns without issue, and still be able to target content easily. I love the options it gives as well.



Although VC has design options for Mobile, compaire to Divi, it’s not that easy to use. and does not have the option for every element.

Benchmark Metrics



Google PageSpeed Insights:

Changed from a blank theme to Neve, speed score update: Mobile 75 (was 65) Desktop 89 (was 84) 




C 78 


Page size: 687KB
Page html size: 108 k
Load time: 899 ms
Requests: 62

Neve Improved the score by 3 points


Backend Matric

15.4 Sec

369 request, 4.2MB trasnsfered, 13.7MB resources, on aveage. 

12 secs on cached load. 15.4 s on non-cache. – on Fiber internet. (210 Mbps/up & down)

Not sure if this even means anything, but seems like it’s way faster then Divi at the backend.

Divs till Body


Counted from the first content H1 “Help Desk Software for …” to Body Tag, ignoring the actual H1 Tag. 

Clicks per Hour


A lot of clicking, not a lot of coding…

Data point from CrossOver!

Browser Stack

Good on Safari 10.1 Sierra, Broken on Safari 9.1 El Capitan and Older.

Good on Edge and IE 10+,  Fail on IE 9 or older.

No problem on build #79 (#87 is the latest) . Not gonna bother check older…

No problem on build #75 (#83 is the latest) . Not gonna bother check older…

Final Thoughts


  • Rows and Columns are very easy to create. Thus work flow is much smoother then Divi’s.
  • Backend loads faster then Divi
  • Good IE support


  • Mobile Tweaking is a bit harder
  • No Copy and Pasting Style, – but can copy and page blocks.
  • No keyboard short cut on save, undo, redos.
  • Lack of Global Style Control (on Paid?)
  • Lack of Reusable Block Control (on Paid?)
  • Annoying Tutorial Spoke person.

Some of the Con points might be due to the free version.

Do I recommend Visual Composer? – Maybe?

Page Build speed is good. But how many things we need to `hack` to make it perfect?